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Retail: Register for "Newton's Notes"


• Weekly Technical Perspective

• Weekly Conference call (15 min) discussing current SPX trend, along with technicals on Fixed Income, Currencies, and Commodities along with long/short ideas

• Access to Blog/IM for intra-day thoughts on price action, sector rotation, & macro thoughts covering commodities, currencies, treasuries and stocks


Retail: Complete - DAILY and WEEKLY

• Weekly Technical Perspective (Monday morning)

• Morning Technical Comment – RECAP & thoughts Ahead (Tuesday-Friday)

• Daily Technical Video- 5 min video covering charts of S&P and 2-3 other indices, or sectors, showing overnight developments and key support and resistance for Traders

• Weekly Conference Call (15 min) discussing current SPX trend, along with technicals on Fixed income, Currencies, Commodities along with long/short ideas

• Access to Private Twitter Feed - @NewtonAdvisors where actionable ideas are posted, and technical analysis on various stocks & ETF's is covered

• Access to Blog/IM for intra-day thoughts on price action, sector Rotation & macro thoughts covering commodities, currencies, treasury yields along with stocks


Additional services, with cost-tiered upon level of service:

Monthly or Quarterly

  • Customized Spreadsheet Analysis where Positions are rankedin terms of Technical Attractiveness & Important Levels of Support/Resistance Given to add to Longs, or Sell/Short Stocks
  • Weekly List of Technically Attractive Long and Short Candidates, or Potential Substitutions for a Certain Name
  • Aid in Portfolio Management A) Position Sizing/ RiskB) Keeping Pulse on Leading, Lagging Sectors
  • Real-Time Alerts for areas of Technical Importance for Stocks Within Your Portfolio (Areas of Breakdowns, or Breakouts, and Attractive Areas to Buy Dips)

Here's what you can expect from Newton's Notes:

Helping to Navigate Markets During Tough Times

Weekly notes keep active traders/PMs up on the short-term support/resistance levels in the S&P along with key changes in sector thoughts, or movement in commodities, currencies, or the Treasury markets that look to extend, or reverse course.

Intra-day technical advice is given by IM (Instant Messaging), whereby trading patterns, counter-trend signals, and other timing methods are used to increase the probability of pinpointing good turning points, and/or areas of support/resistance.

Keeping A Pulse on Lagging/Leading Sectors, Stocks

Lists of attractive technical buy and sell/short candidates can be generated to provide stocks which might be breakout and/or reversal candidates, timely pair ideas, or potential technical substitutions for a certain name.

Aiding in Portfolio Management/Position Sizing/Risk

Technical analysis tools such as momentum indicators, seasonality, and sentiment can be utilized to help understand current price movement and/or lack thereof, and try to forecast future price movement in stocks.

Position Sizing

  • Customized spreadsheets developed that rank positions in attractiveness and give important levels of support/resistance to add to longs, and/or sell/short stocks.
  • Real-time alerts when technicals start lining up more clearly with the fundamentals, and/or are clearly not aligning.
  • Periodic client meetings to review the market, as well as individual stocks, where 50-100 stocks can be analyzed at meetings by means of a visual Powerpoint presentation by laptop to discuss trend, structure along with support/resistance levels.