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Healthcare- Quick Technical Thoughts- CI, MTD, ZBH, ZTS, CVRS, THC, MNK, CLVS, NBIX

Here are some quick thoughts on some Healthcare names showing both bullish and bearish price action this past week



Some bullish price action in CI, MTD, ZBH this week which looks to extend

ZTS getting close to bottoming and worth buying here technically,  CVRS also a huge week percentage wise and overall starting to show more evidence of bottoming out



While THC, MNK, CLVS still look to pullback further-  bearish charts

NBIX stretched here and some evidence of near-term peaking out after 2 straight weeks well off its highs



Good progress out of CI this week-  any pullbacks here should be bought.  

Good triangle breakout and should be able to extend




ZTS looks to be close to trying to bottom after the last month of sideways consolidation.

I like buying



 MTD should be bought as this starts to turn back higher, breaking minor downtrend


ZBH-  Also good move here, but likely stalls near 133 at prior highs-  So next couple points would consider selling into this barring any fundamental catalysts




SRPT-  Overweight-  Still a good stock to add to as recent gains and structural progress should help this reach 175, and early to sell into strength



CVRS- weekly-  Some definite evidence of this trying to bottom out.  Big percentage move this week and volume has been heavy on these gains

CVRS broke the entire trend from 2017.. which is a good sign.. so would begin to weight heavier and buy all pullbacks




NBIX would watch carefully as some evidence of topping behavior with 2 straight weeks of closing well off early week highs while extended.

UNDER 116.26 would suggest the start of a  pullback



THC-  A bit more selling here is likely.. no real evidence of any bottom at hand and should at least get down under 27.98




MNK-  weekly-   Pullback to near 26 possible  and early year breakout definitely showing evidence of rolling over this week, which is a negative for the next few weeks for MNK