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S&P undercutting 2894 is negative- Move to either 2883, or 2861 possible

Friday mid-day Technical Video-  Analyzing S&P structure




Thursday Weekly Technical Webinar-  LINK BELOW



S&P -  Watch if S&P spends any length of time under 2894..  an HOURLY close could be sufficient and would likely begin the decline to 2883, 2861 and 2800-7

This is the real battleground for today. An important spot-  so next 30-60 min  will show whether this can hold or not.





S&P-   Daily closes day UNDER 2898. Would confirm Demark sells.. and as said above

Under 2894 on an hourly close today … means this happens this afternoon most likely and turns down

For now.. has held






AAPL stabilizing vs AMZN-   For those who care on this.  One should favor AAPL vs AMZN in the weeks/months ahead

This is starting to stabilize and showing some evidence of bottoming.

The trend in this has been negative since 2015.. but now some initial evidence that AAPL might begin to show better relative performance




USDCAD-  Canadian dollar weakening today.. with thoughts that a deal might NOT happen

OVER 1.32 TECHNICALLY would suggest that is correct.  As this would cause meaningful weakness in Canadian dollar

Or as seen below.  Strength in USD vs Canad Dollar


image004 (1).gif





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