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Friday Technical Video, charts of interest- REITS breaking out

Friday Technical Video


Key points headed into weekend


S&P likely bullish up into 2860-5 into early next week based on yesterday and today

VNQ-  REITS breaking out and generally a very defensive tone all week-  BUY UTES, REITS.  Avoid TECHNOLOGY

Dollar breaking down-  UNDER 96.31 is negative

EURUSD expect to move higher up to 1.1509-1.155

Gold, Crude stabilizing and trying to bounce

VIX breaking 13 into weekend is a temporary negative for implied volatlity. Expect VIX to move down to 11.50-12 then likely turns back up mid-next week



S&P made 4 straight hours of closing well up off its lows on hourly charts-   of course, this wasn’t important today until S&P got above 2847

This helped prices extend


image001 (3).gif




VNQ-  the REIT ETF.  Breaking out to highs for the year today

The LONGS listed in todays report- VNQ,  VER, VTR, WELL, are all REIT PLAYS.  And extending.

Many more participating today now that prices have broken out-  and should continue to be attractive

image003 (1).jpg





VIX-  A negative break of 13 in what many would agree is an hourly Head and Shoulders pattern from earlier this week

Pullback to near 12 is likely-  This could be an area to buy implied volatlity mid-next week


image004 (2).gif






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Have a Great weekend all