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Push back to new weekly highs for S&P FUTS. . resist at 2749-50- Monday am Technical Video and charts of interest

Risk-on for most of the World as risks seen as easing, or at least minor stabilization in the turmoil in Europe.  Equities are in the Green around the world. The Dollar is selling off.. Spanish and Italian yields both down 5-6% while Gold is mildly higher and Crude is fractionally lower this am.  Premkt gainers:  GHDX, VSAR, LOXO, NAT, PTN, CLDX, PSTI, OSPR, while on downside-   NKTR, JNCE, BPMC, BLUE, CRSP, SESN, NXPI


My Weekly Technical Perspective this am, sent out at 5:30 listed 10 Technically Attractive Stocks to own:  These are:

AMTD, FIVE, GRUB, HCA, MRK, UNP, VEEV, PGR, KSS, NRG-   Detailed writeups included.  Let me know if you didn’t receive and would like to see



S&P-  Trend near-term bullish heading into this week, and Ability today to push up above highs of the last couple weeks is a positive for S&P. at 2741.  Above lies 2749.. the true 1x1 angle from January. In terms of 130 points and days from the 1/26 closing highs.   And then 2761.  Overall a positive to have the stabilization in Europe and most of Asia was up 1%




Yields had bounced, but now facing resistance near this key 2.90-2.92 area which is important structurally for yields




HSCEI- Hang Seng Enterprises index, confirmed buys today and should be able to push up above the downtrend at 12350

This is a positive and bodes well for further strength