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S&P testing last Friday's lows- 2755, 2745-6 important for today- Monday am Technical Video

Monday am Technical Video, 5 min

Last Thursday’s Technical Webinar, 20 min- discussing risks to the equity market, covering SPX, TNX, DXY, sector rotation, Gold, Crude, etc

My Real Vision Discussion, where I advocate Shorting QQQ from last week-  7 min


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Right to maintain a defensive tone, as increasing signs of Market peaking out has happened in the short run.  

S&P has dropped down to right above last week’s lows.   2755 important.. and then 2745-6 which represents mid-May peaks along with trend from early May

Above 2774 is necessary for today to suggest at least minor stabilization


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EUROPE-  SX5E-   A fairly aggressive pullback to erase the bounce attempt from late last week and the move in recent weeks looking increasingly more corrective in nature that should lead to a break and further weakness down to test prior lows.   UNDER 3430 should lead down further to break 3391 from late May and pullback to 3261


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Aerospace & Defense cracked last week on tariff concerns after having rallied right back to key resistance

This group has been a major laggard of late within Industrials and caused XLI to break down.  Additional weakness here likely