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Discretionary/Retail & Healthcare powering move, while Financials, SOX lag

A bit more than 2 hrs remaining.. US equities continuing to hold earlier gains- Breadth is VERY meager.. But the positive price strength is importnat for now-   Getting closer to areas of importance, but ahead of Summit and FOMC, still early to take profits and sell and Technical trends still support a bit more strength-  Note the degree that Discretionary (think, Retail) and Healthcare are showing good relative strength today, XLY back at new highs and still right to overweight and be long into Thursday-  energy has snapped back with WTI bouncing a bit.. And necessary for a bit more selectivity in this sector.  Financials flat.. Regionals- KRE down over 1% and KBE also lower.. So the group is barely postive .. And SOX also lower today within Tech.. So just minimal progress in Tech and Financials and this rotation is important to see-  For now, do NOT expect that S&P and DJIA can make it back to new highs without stalling.. But that a bit more yield strength happens over the next couple days which should set up for Treasury longs- For a 2-3 day basis.. Its right to press Discretionary and Healthcare longs.. While largely avoiding TECH.. And being much more selective in Financials-  Dollar weakness continuing early in the week.  Mild bounce in commodities  and Silver up by 1%.. But these will start to gain speed once yields peak out-   Let me know if you have any questions