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My CNBC interview from today and Link to Today's Technical webinar

My CNBC interview from an hour ago, discussing SPX breakdown, intra-day snapback, and what lies ahead


Link to Today’s Technical Webinar/conference call- discussing SPX weakness.  What led to it.  What should be coming next



S&P Daily- Sharp intra-day snapback, but not much to suggest this holds and rallies too substantially just yet.

No evidence of capitulation/fear at the lows, and would look to sell into this, into tomorrow’s NFP report, expecting pullback to 2555 into next week before lows are in






Financials weakness in particular has been widespread, and for equities to be bottoming.  We’d need to see this group likely showing more leadership, not just Materials.

The Tech rally is a positive but Financials are an important part of the SPX