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Industrials a positive but Financials lagging still a concern

1 hr to go.. A very strange tape indeed. S&P is within a few points of where it traded a week ago.. Breadth is flat.. But well more volume into Declining than advancing issues by nearly 2/1.   Industrials are one of the few bright spots.. And XLI has officially broken out of its downtrend.  However, the Equal-weighted Industrials shows NO breakout.. And still many of the top percentage weighted stocks aren't as strong.  The real worry is Financials which have now declined for the last 5 of 6 days.. And were down nearly 1% about 2 hrs ago..   Yields pulling back today which should be a great chance to sell Treasuries.. The Dollar is fractionally higher against many Developed and against Most Emerging mkt currencies.. But otherwise a very lethargic tape-   Overall it looks right to position in the Rails and various Aerospace within Industrials.. While looking to sell out of the Energy rally which looks to be near exhaustion-  The defensive yield sensitive sectors still look like groups to avoid, REITS, Utilities..  But the next 3-5 trading days will speak volumes as to what's in store between now and early to mid-June.   Equity Put/Call data had gotten compressed , and this along with a lack of breadth makes chasing this rally a concern at this stage.  2700 will continue to stand out as the Line in the Sand.  And UNDER would be a definite negative.  Above 2735 by next Wednesday looks possible to push a bit higher to 2750.  But still tough making the case for a move back to highs until Technology starts to firm a bit more.  LONGS that are attractive Technically which are new to my reports..-  MOMO, GRUB, VEEV, SCHW, WIX, TEAM, ZTO, AFSI, TBT-   Let me know if I can answer questions.  Have a good weekend