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S&P tries to recoup yesterday, but FInancials barely positive

S&P holding earlier gains- Key will be 2731, and above might make brief move to 2740, but unlikely that the selloff was just a one-day affair and still would be selective-and don't think today's gains accomplish that much-  YIELDS rising after early pullback and now up to 3.095%.   REITS and UTILITIES underperforming .. Builders attempting to claw back, but worth selling into as 3 month support broken yesterday for ITB-   ENERGY extending and this is still the one group to favor.. With EOG breaking out. NOV, MRO all attractive.. And OIH likely to get to 29.50-  Casino stocks also good longs here- LVS and WYNN.. And CMG within Discretionary making minor breakout as well and worth buying-  Breadth coming in roughly 2/1 positive and Materials the only sector higher by more than 1%.   Small Cap Russell 2000 is in fact breaking out to new highs, but with a plethora of Demark sells on Daily, weekly, hourly, 2 hr.. So this breakout has a higher than avg chance of stalling and potentially could prove to be false.  For now the price structure is bullish for IWM and following suit to what Small cap 600 SML did a few days ago-