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Sectors not showing the same breakouts as the indices

Bottom line..  Tough just yet to think the market is completely out of the woods,  but it’s been right to be bullish and until trends reverse and/or Demark exhaustion reaches conclusion, this will still be the case..  We’ve seen constructive trend breakouts in SPX and in DJIA yesterday, while NASDAQ got over April highs and seems to have a bit more to go higher before it reaches technical price and time targets. 
The worries revolve around the lack of volume yesterday, while XLI and XLF remain in downtrends, both relatively and absolute.. so these have NOT broken out like the major indices.. and while TECHNOLOGY HAS broken out.. it’s showing counter-trend signs that its rally vs SPX can stall out in the next 2-3 days.  So the markets have moved a long way in a very short time.. over 5% since last Thursday as per the S&P futures bottoming out last Thursday near 10am at 2591 and now trading 2722.   VIX has plunged down to new lows and under its lower BollingerI am still bullish and do expect gains today,  but have an eye on the exits tactically from a short-term perspective given some of the sector problems and am not convinced that this move yesterday means that the worries are gone, and the time from 5/15-18 could be important timewise to Equities.   If the markets can move past 5/20 and S&P Above 2750, id have a greater amount of confidence of this move extending.  At present, trends are bullish, but it looks right to trim longs and consider adopting hedges into next week