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S&P breaks out of Trend from Late January while Small-caps Breakout also

Markets getting stretched near-term, as S&P has now risen 131 ticks since last Thursday at 10am- which is a 5% move in a WEEK !!.   but today is the First day SPX has broken out of its trend from late January, which is constructive technically-   Also.. We've seen SML- the S&P Small cap 600 index breakout today, in a very bullish pattern for this.. So IJR and/or TNA are ways to play this.   NDX looks to have about another 100 points up before much stalling. I am playing for 7075.. And interestingly enough.. CCI index - the Equal-weighted for COMMODITIES is breaking out today and has been persistently strong even with US Dollar strength of late- Look at the DBC as a way of playing this, for those with no exposure.   Overall I am playing for a move to SP-2728-30 in next day, then backing off but a good move and breakout which suggests we can strengthen further likely into 5/18-20 which I show to be important-   Bond yields likely strengthen to 3.05% before hitting a wall- and Dollar should be quick to reverse back lower.  For now.. Still early.. And GBPUSD likely gets to 1.34 and EURUSD back down under 1.18 briefly before moving up-  Let me know if you have questions.