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4/24 Into the Bell- Technicals- Trend Negative.. use rallies to sell

Todays about face is a real negative for the upcoming 2-3 weeks.   While a bit extended today towards the lows, its likely this will lead to a test and break of April lows in my opinion, Technically

Breadth has not been that strongly negative though at around 2/1 and volume, which had been positive up until two hours ago.  Is now negative to the tune of around 3/2 

Dollar has turned back lower, and Precious metals are bouncing.   US 10yr yields have stalled out just under 3%, but the yield curve is steepening up to 51 bps

Utilities, Telecom, REITS are the positives while Industrials, Materials down over 2%, and Energy has reversed to negative 1%, while Discretionary and TECH are both down under 1.5%.

Financials holding up a bit more positively today. Or less negatively.  But have still underperformed 


OVERALL, Trends which turned negative late last week, have begun to accelerate, and a defensive stance is necessary-   the area near 2600 looks important initially and then 2550-60, and would use rallies back over 2645 to sell into this, expecting we’ll see further downturn into early May