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4/17 Mid-day Blog

2.5 hrs to go..  The Tech rally helping to carry all ships.. NASDAQ outperforming SPX and DJIA pretty steadily today.  Breadth at around 2/5/1 positive-  But outside of Tech and Cons Discretionary the only other sector up more than 1.5% and this is largely NFLX (i own) and AMZN strength.. But still seeing some meaningful gains in MGM, CMG, TRIP, DG, and FOXA to the tune of +2% in each.  Financials just barely positive today.. Still seeing weakness in the brokers. And right to be selective in this  in what to own-   Industrials following suit given the Aerospace/Defense bump. And for now, all 11 sectors are positive-  Dollar still fractionally up today.. While Bonds have had a difficult time in selling off and yields DOWN now after having hit 2.88 intra-day yesterday.  Yield curve flattening out again and pretty persistently flat at 42 bps, down about 4% today-  S&P got to near initial targets at 2710.. And still looks to finish strong, as Counter-trend Sells are not yet in alignment on various timeframes, but this could be in place by tomorrow-   Into the close, still right to have a bullish bias, and no real signs of weakness have occurred in the indices.. But right to keep a close eye on Financials.. And watch for any evidence of tech weakening.. Which for now is a bit premature