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3/28 Charts of Interest

Last trading day of the week, month and quarter-   This quarter will snap a 9 quarter win streak, the longest in 100 years.. and will be the worst quarterly performance since 2015.  Not much volatility today in bonds, or the Dollar.  Most OF Europe and Asia fractionally higher.   Overall.. we’ll need to see more to have any real conviction that a low is at hand.  While sentiment has turned a bit more bearish in the last few days.  The near-term price action still suggests a pullback into next week can happen before any larger rally takes place.  

2633 , or yesterday’s intraday highs are the first real area of importance..  ON the downside, yesterday’s low ticks of 2593 area also important

S&P FUTURES consolidating near lows and even on minor gains today, we haven’t really made much progress to suggest we should rally into end of Quarter.

The odds given this churning is that even on a minor bounce today.. this area should be revisited and broken into next week before any serious low.. as V-shaped bottoms are much more prevalent than choppy sideways churning that suddenly leads higher

As SPX finishes out the month and quarter.  We’re still above our longer-term uptrend from 2016.. and this is important to watch on any upcoming violation again of this recent consolidation near the lows.. as UNDER 2532 would lead down likely to around 2450 before bouncing.  For now, its thought that the near-term trend is bearish but yet the intermediate-term trend is intact.  However the longer-term momentum waning is definitely a concern that will need to be dealt with at some point to avoid Future losses in Q3



BTC- BITCOIN-  Hourly-  Pullback to MAKE-OR-BREAK at Feb lows-  Today’s move under the last couple days lows brings price down to important support near 7500 (intraday low 7333) and is necessary to hold to give BTC some chance of stabilizing and turning higher. Prices look to be at the tail end of a recent 5-wave decline and should set up for a trend reversal.. but important to see a move back over 7737, or yesterday’s lows to have confidence of this.  For now.  A good risk/reward to buy dips into this decline with tight stops at 7333 and first target near this 7737 area while over 8160 would give more confidence of further gains.  .. UNDER 7333 is negative and it’s a must to hold off until this stabilizes