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Most of Europe, Asia still not keeeping up with US Markets

Good am.  Lot of news this am.. with Tillerson being ousted by Trump. Which has taken a bit out of earlier gains in Futures, but S&P still higher by nearly 0.40%.  Trump also blocking Broadcom’s bid for Qualcomm, citing National Security concerns-    This am’s CPI number came in INLINE.. but fairly mixed which showed misses in Education, new vehicles but gains in other areas.. Apparel.. Most of Europe mixed, and mild gains in Asia today.  Bonds gaining ground while Dollar fractionally positive.. and we’re seeing CRUDE lower while Gold is trying to bounce, higher just marginally.     Overall, the near-term trend remains bullish, but should reach areas of resistance by end of week , but likely not exceed prior highs.    Key concerns on this bounce deal with less positive breadth and momentum than necessary to have real conviction in this bounce continuing..  while the intermarket divergence in indices remains a factor.   Most of Europe and Asia also not nearly as strong as NASDAQ and nowhere near January highs.   Bottom line.  Near-term trend will remain positive for FUTRUES until/unless we see 2783 broken on S&P. and that would likely lead to the bigger area of support at 2740.   Upside for S&P should be contained at 2840-5 from current 2798