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Tough to say yesterday's late day reversal was all that important

Tough to say yesterday’s reversal was all that important given that NASDAQ failed to break prior day’s lows and also XLK, XLF, XLI, XLY also did NOT face the same degree of weakness.  So today’s early strength in regaining prior days lows for S&P makes sense and could lead to a test of 2732-4 and then 2754-6 into early next week and slightly over before any stalling out.    Yields pulling back from overnight highs and the degree of positive correlation continues between S&P and TNX..  The Dollar seems to have stalled out near DXY 90.. while Metals are fractionally weaker.. but Gold getting close to a good risk/reward area to buy dips-    S&P should not get back to yesterday’s post market 2682 right away, so for traders, this would be a good area of support-  Early am strength from SAIL, CAR, STMP, AROL, GEN, SGMO, HMNY, CVRS, HTX, FTI, P, AST, TUSK, WLL, DRYS, PLUG, while on downside- ROKU, MIC, ADXS, W, DPW, GOGO, HRL, ATUS, MDXG, CLR, BKD-  Let me know if you have questions


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