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Tech serving as lone source of strength in a market of many moving parts

Market still in consolidation mode and except for Technology.  Not much working- Breadth down around 3/2 negative and only Tech and DIscretionary positive while the other 9 sectors all lower with Staples, Utilities and Telecom all being hard hit-  10yr has risen up to 2.90.. But 2 yr rising more quickly and yield curve flattening out again down to .67 bps.  Dollar bounce also continuing and could have another 1-2 days left.. So Precious metals pulling back-   Overall, the Transport weakness remains a short-term concern, but for now, this Market weakness looks to not lead lower too dramatically as long as Tech can outperform.  SOX charts indeed show the next couple days to likely be higher. So like overweighting TECH this week while still being more selective elsewhere-   Metals should be bought on weakness, though as TNX chart closing in on meaningful resistance while DXY rise also nearing completion, technically and an important area where this stalls out and turns back lower.  So for now, SOX can likely hold market up