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Rally still holding up well- & Friday/Monday gains are still possible into next week before stalling out- Link to Thursday's Technical Webinar & charts of interest

Link to today’s Technical Webinar


4 sectors up more than 1% today with Materials up nearly 3% alone with the Dollar pulling back and Mining stocks and many chemicals acting well.

Breadth is about 3/1 positive, and yields have moderated a bit after early gains.  

Stocks making very good moves which are on the radar:   IIN, TNDM, CQQQ(Chinese Tech), HRTX, HUBS, TOWR, ELY, ZFGN, HD, LULU, MJ


Daily S&P-  Continued progress..  SPX broke the downtrend and oct 11 former lows.. now has extended back to yesterday’s highs

Closing here should help this move to 2743-5 area and ultimately near 2775 initial targets



S&P HOURLY-  note the appearance of 1 hourly Demark related sell. But the other is early-  thus, I expect this to continue to push higher until both are present.  At that time, markets might stall and consolidate




XLF, XLI-  as mentioned.. both ETFs managed to get back above former LOWS.. making for a bullish snapback that is a constructive move in this pattern.

This is a bullish development and likely tailwind for further market gains near-term



AAPL-  Ahead of earnings-   Apple made a very good snapback move yesterday that rebounded back above this uptrend that had been violated.  This largely invalidates this as being a Head and shoulders pattern and more just consolidation..   I expect a move back to highs, and AAPL is stronger than the FANG group and should be favored.