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Near-term Bounce nearing resistance again for indices

Futures up across the board ahead of today's Jobs data in 10 min.   short-term trend remains bullish, but nearing resistance that should be important and could cause a stall out into next week-   2 things to mention-   Healthcares acceleration yesterday has now broken out above a 2-year downtrend in relative terms.. so this group could likely still outperform going forward and is now the 2nd largest group by capitalization in S&P-   Second -  QQQ triggering counter-trend sells today similar to waht happened in JUNE with AAPL due to get these same signals early next week-  This COULD be important in causing some slowdown and reversal in Technology and important to concentrate on as we enter the seasonally bearish month of September.   Outside of these sectors..  important that FINANCIALS make the same breakout as TECH did in the days ahead for the Bulls.. which has NOT happened thus far.. .  Outside of equities.  bonds selling off globally with yields higher across the globe.. not much volatility in either crude, nor gold with Dollar largely pretty stable this am vs most currencies-   PRemkt gainers in IOVA, PANW, NTNX, LULU, FCAU, DRYS, CLF higher.. while on downside- TECD, AMBA, FSNN, CGG-  let me know if you have any questions-  Have a nice weekend