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A positive for Market into end of month, but what next? if Financials don't participate

gm-  Gains in Europe to the tune of 0.80% followed by bounce also in US futures on the last trading day of August where DJIA and NASDAQ are now positive for the month and S&P just down a fractional 0.50%..  Key breakout in 3 week pattern for S&P coinciding with Technology breakout and XLF right up to key resistance which shouldn't take much to also get this over 24.80 and participating-  OVerall, while intermediate term issues remain technically, the short term outlook is a bit more positive given the reversal Tuesday and momentum has turned back to positive shortterm based on MACD while weekly still negatively sloped-  Key for near-term resistance at 2476-80, and then 2490..  so right to hold long and expect further followthrough into upper end of resistance initially- Let me know if i can answer any questions.