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Metals declining further as USD begins to stabilize

gm-  Mild gains out of Europe and US Futures slightly weaker ahead of this am's PPI data- Financials strong in Europe playing catchup to yesterday's US Data while Miners weak, and seeing Copper weakening around 1.5% today, falling further after the break of trendline support two days ago.   Big development yesterday was the Global bond selloff which helped US 10yr yields start to stretch higher while Financials followed suit and XLF breaking back up above downtrends from July - The real key will revolve around whether Technology can strengthen from here given its push up towards highs of its recent range, while AAPL starts to show some evidence of peaking out in the short run.   Support for today lies near 2488, then 2480-2, while on upside-  resistance is 2496-7, then 2500-2-  Bottom line... near-term positive trend intact.. but some evidence of counter-trend sells approaching for major indices by end of week, and upside for S&P lilkely contains gains much past 2505-  Premkt gains in SNAK, ALDX, JWN, CNC, FOLD, FINL, BCRX, while on the downside-   DCTH,WDC, MNKD, PTLA, TEVA, CGG, AGNC-  Let me know if you have any questions