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Crude Breaking out, while Treasury yields attempt the same

gm ...Core CPI coming in as expected, while headline beat by a fraction-   Jobless claims came in better/lower at 284 vs 300-  Overall markets have reached a level where yet again we could see Stallouts in price. Bonds have begun to selloff across the globe yet again w/ yields up at 2.20% which is important, while the Metals remain under pressure-  Important developments in the last 48 hours revolve around the move in Energy with Crude having broken out, and OIH, XOP also having made absolute breakouts, which should help Energy begin to mean revert-   Overall, the trend has been bullish, but continuing up into October might prove difficult, with near-term overbought conditions, along with counter-trend sell signals on S&P, DJIA and QQQ while weekly momentum remains negatively sloped and under pressure-   Key areas for Futures-  2486-7, then 2480 as support, while on the upside-  2497-9-  Premkt movers in HALO, ALV, THC, UNFI, while on downside-  HTZ, EPZM, OPK, ARRY, SMMT-  Let me know if you have any questions