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Insurance bouncing back given severe weakness in prior days

2 hours to go.. we've seen brief selling pressure last throughout the morning and early afternoon, with most European indices having closed mixed but most gains were given up by today's close-   Weve seen Energy comprise the majority of weakness today in the market, while Tech is also under pressure, which could be of concern, but as of yet, has not yet violated key levels-  Financials are bouncing back after the recent carnage earlier in the week, and Insurance is the bulk of these gains as this sector had been hit the hardest earlier in the week.  Of the 5 top performing names in the Financials space, all of these are insurance related.   Breadth is only slightly negative on the day, but nearly a 3/2 ratio of volume flowing into DOWN vs UP stocks.   OF the laggards,   Semiconductors, Energy, Food Stpl/Retail, Media and Tech hardware are the worst performing sectors, while Capital goods, Div Financials, Healthcare equipment, Insurance and Transports are all positive and best performing, with all of these higher by 0.50% or more.   Overall, we've seen the NASDAQ continuing to slide most of the day and underperforming most of the market pretty substantially, by 0.80% now with 2 more hours to go.   Have a good weekend..  and wishing safety to all those in the Southeast-