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Global bond selloff w/ yields lifting & yield curve steepening out

gm-  Further bond selloff across the globe has yields back up with TNX over 2.15 and a near-term positive which could have some effect at causing further near-term strength in Financials.   This would be a positive in how it helps to join Technology in whats thought to be a last ditch rally attempt higher, with SOX leading the charge in the short run. However, Momentum in equities overall has made lower and lower peaks and has NOT followed prices back to new highs, and now S&P is within 1-2 days of triggering counter-trend sells to join what the NASDAQ showed last week, while DJIA is about 3 days away in this regard-  Europe meanwhile showed evidence of SX5E breaking out yesterday and should have at least another few days higher in the short run as a result of this positive development-  Outside of equities..  USD continuing to make upward progress near-term particularly vs Yen while precious metals are weaker..  so we're in an environment where the Safe havens have begun to retreat.. but yet the move thus far in Equities back to highs has not proven particularly robust and something to watch carefully into the end of this week-   Premkt movers for today::  TA, TEVA, CTIC, EYES, AA, DWDP, RBS, ACH, ALDX, while on downside-  SAGE, HIIQ, MRNS, LMNR, BCRX, EVGN, PSTI..   let me know if you have questions