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Tech selloff, but most US indices remain intact

GDP coming in roughly inline, though prior numbers have been revised down QoQ 1.4 down to 1.2% and Core PCE from 2% to 1.8%-  Not much change in Futures after this data-  2 key themes for today-  Tech selloff continuing globally with weakness out of TenCent and Samsung coinciding with Asian weakness, while Economic Sentiment in Europe hitting 2 decade highs which is resulting in bond yields spiking hard.. and US yields following suit-   Easier to make the call for a minor selloff based on NASDAQs key reversal than S&P just yet, but still some meaningful signs of erosion in Industrials given Transports largest decline of the year.. so with VIX at record lows up until yesterday, a few signs of shakiness in the market largely based on Tech and Industrials-    S&P will need to close down under 2462 to gain acceleration to near 2385-2400 which is looking increasingly more likely in August, but will need to see S&P and DJIA join the weakness in NASDAQ.  For now, its been largely Tech.. while Financials are holding steady and could CONTINUE to given yields turning up in recent days and continuing up today-   Premkt gainers in BIDU, KOOL, SAM, FSLR, IMGN, LOGM, CY, DEO, JKS, AAL higher, while on downside-DEST, KMDA, NUVA, GT, SBUX, WWE, MBRX, WDC, X, EA, UBS and AMZN-  let me  know if you have any questions