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Mid-cap and Small cap indices pushing back to new all-time highs

Minor gains in most world indices, S&P futures inching higher ahead of Home sales and FOMC today which is largely expected to be a non-event-  World index has now been unchanged for the last 5 days while Financials have begun to show real strength again as of yesterday given the yield surge- Tech has largely stalled out, but yet not turned down just yet, while Financials have picked up in relative strength-  The US Dollar meanwhile has hit support and trying to turn higher, so the key with 3 days left in the month of July is to what extent can Financials continue to make progress with Tech also trying to participate-   Important to note- MIDCAP and SMALL CAP indices have now pushed BACK TO NEW all-time highs, which had largely been range-bound since February.  While this is indeed a positive- it happens at a time when most cycles are starting to peak out and could produce a PEAK in stocks as of Mid-August-  For now,  its right to let this range play out to see what direction we will take-  as most prices have been largely mixed for the last week and UNDER 2462 needed for a negative stance, while over 2478 would indeed be a positive-  so no strong directional bias for the next couple days into end of July until this is resolved..but watching to see how this Tech consolidation is resolved.  Premkt gainers in TTPH, DVAX, IRBT, AMD, X, EXAS, OPHT, TANH, OCUL, BA, T, LOGI, CMG, while on downside- AKAM, AMED, CGEN, OEC, SIX, MC, WYNN, SN, AMGN, LN-  Let me know if you have questions