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Financials set to make highest monthly close since late 2007

2 hours left to go..  a few things worth noting-   Energy has rebounded sharply as have Financials and Materials- XLF set to make the highest MONTHLY close since late 2007..  XLB is back at new all-time highs. XLE is positive for the month, but still has work to do given that it's declined for the last 6 months.. Rates turning sharply higher today.. while DXY stabilizes.  this "should" be a negative for Metals.. but the Dollar has yet to show much signs of strength.  but does seem imminent for EURUSD to turn back lower within the next couple days .  Healthcare , Tech, Utilities all lower along with Real estate so breadth is around 3/2 negative..  but the key developments for today are the FINANCIALS breakout.. and rates spiking higher.. while Indices have regained early losses and for now, keeps the recent multi-day consolidation within the uptrend intact-  Goldman's Short basket up more than 2% today, indicating some of the laggards ripping and forcing short-covering.. but FCX, NEM, RRC, CAT, MCD, SNI, NFX, GPS, SIG all up more than 4% here.. while on the downside-  STX, WAT, MMM, MU, LLY, AVY, ZTS all lower by 3% or more-    Let me know if you have any questions