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Small caps have turned up near-term, a minor positive

S&P's pullback as of 1:30pm has stabilized and rallied all the way back to positive, while Healthcare, Energy, Financials and Materials all fractionally positive-   Tech weakness has recovered, while Industrials, Consumer Staples weakening-   Key to note that Transports based on Airlines.. still quite weak, while Energy has begun to stabilize and recover and Healthcares recent strength also continuing.. but important to note the extent of what Small-caps have done in the last couple days to snap back and show good relative strength which has been different than what has been shown in the last couple months-  Overall though, we'll need to see S&P get back above 2462 along with Tech and Financials turning back higher to have confidence of any rally into Sept.  At present the Transport weakness is unsettling, but the market has not really weakened all that much in the last couple days