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No Man's Land for SPX into last week of August- Seasonal trends bearish

Eco data- Trade Balance data -65.1b vs -64.5 exptd..  Wholesale inv 0.4% vs 0.3% expd..  and Retail inv MoM -0.2% vs 0-  , S&P has turned positive in the last hour , rebounding 10 handles after getting as low as 2436 six hours ago-   Trends remain negative from early August and choppy since last Wednesday with little or no actual movement in US indices-   Europe lower today while most of Asia mixed-   Pullbacks in Crude this am while Gold trending higher as US Dollar showing further weakness , but largely vs Pound Sterling-  Overall,  final week of August has been consistently seasonally weak , avg. -0.7% since 1970s, while last 5 of 8 years have been down during this time.  Much will depend on Technology continuing to shoulder much of the load, but at present, SOX and most of Tech gauges in consolidation near-term while XLF and SPX remain in near-term downtrends from early August-  KEY FOR S&P wlll be ability to get OVER 2460 on a close.. which would be positive and worth following..  while under 2434 a definite negative-   so No-Man's Land for S&P until some evidence of this pattern being resolved-  Premkt gainers in  AVEO, KITE, JUNO, ADMS, AG, JMEI, IXYS, while on the downside-  GOGL, CGG-  Let me know if you have any questions