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Minor evidence of bounce attempt globally w/ Safe havens reversing

Minor evidence of bounce attempt happening for both Europe, Asia and also US index futures..  Safe havens reversing today with yen and Gold retreating, along with Treasuries and S&P at least for today.. Has reclaimed the area broken and back up above 8/11 lows-  Given the nature of the selloff of late and seasonal concerns with overbought conditions..its thought that any bounce prove short-lived, but today's early move does seem to be a positive if it can hold and applies to both US and also to Europe-Initial support of importance lies near overnight lows for S&P at 2427 and then Monday's lows at 2415.75..   On the Upside, 2440 up to 2443 will be the first important area to sell into, followed by 2452-4- One should look to sell into gains up near this 2440-3 area and then 2452 being more important-  Premkt advancers in DSW, HMNY, IDXG, JASO, BBL, M, TSEM, while on downside-  TEDU, CMCM, MOMO, BZUN, AU, OMER- let me know if you have any questions