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Healthcare making headway in a lackluster tape

Just after 2pm..  weve seen pretty flat US markets.. S&P losing earlier gains, but not really showing much trend.   Most of Europe finished down near the lows, with SX5E and SXXP lower by 0.50%.  Big move lower by Crude to the tune of 3% , in breaking down, just as Gasoline rises an equivalent amount-  Healthcare is today's best performer and seeing RELATIVE breakouts in XLV/SPX along with XBI.. so one of the better risk/rewards.. However, Energy backtracking as might be expected with Crude turning lower.. and Financials also facing -0.60% weakness which is not encouraging while not much movement out of Treasuries..  but Dollar accelerating down pretty sharply and something to watch.. but near pretty good support  and doubtful EURUSD gets above 1.20 in the short run-  Meaningful movement out of BIIB, today as it tries to breakout again, but most of the Top gainers are a mix of Refiners and Biotech, while on the downside, its split about Half Energy and half Insurance stocks, which have broken down under July lows today and still right to avoid for next 2-3 days-  Trend won't truly turn negative until 2434 is broken.. but for now still largely range-bound   Let me know if you have any questions