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Futures not showing much downside, and stable after Thursday

Minor Stabilization attempt by US futures after yseterday, while much of Europe plays catchup and Asia was down 1%, with NKY, HSCEI both lower by 250-300 points-  Metals jumping furthehr with big gains in Iron Ore, and Gold, Silver higher by 0.70-1%, with Gold now testing June highs-As has been written about, the near-term trend remains DOWN and the price damage yesterday in both TRAN and XLF suggests there could be addtl weakness today/Monday into next week before any rally-  Longer-term trends at this point remain intact, so this remains a short-term pullback only.  and tough to make too much of this.  However, the patterns on many US Sector ETFs ARE beginnng to show "POTENTIAL" topping formations.. for now just largely consolidation since May, but patterns look increasingly poor and toplike heading into the fall .. XLF, XLI, XLY, XLV, XLP..   so these will all have to be watched carefully-  First real area to buy dips if 2427is broken lies near 2412, and then down near 2385-90 which might be unlikely for today, but just to note-   On the flip side, UNDER 2440 keeps the trend negative and this is today's first area of PIVOT-  Premkt movers for this am:  ROST, CPN, HMY, GOGL, GPS, DRYS, higher whle FL, FINL, INFY, DE, MATX, JAZZ lower -  Let me know if you have questions