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Energy continuing to underperform.. an ongoing theme- FURTHER WEAKNESS LIKELY

We've seen a slow deterioration in the rally in the last hour, with news of Manufacturing and policy forum being disbanded, and thus far, markets had held up in pretty resilient fashion today despite the ongoing uproar up until about an hour ago..  .. but there's been a flight to safety in yields with 10yr backing off down to 2.239..  Gold up fractionally while Crude lower back down to 47 and Energy still by far the largest underperformer, down a full 1% while Financials have just turned Negative..  Only positive sectors up more than 0.50% are Materials and Real estate..  Dollar has turned negative, and NASDAQ back down to near Unchanged territory from early gains-   Next 3 hours will speak volumes as to if market can continue to make headway. but trends in Mid-caps, small-caps, have been weakening.. and keeping a close eye on Financials and Tech will be important over the next few days