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S&P Futures following suit to weakness in Europe and Asia

gm- Jobless claims at 244k v 240k expected.. PPI headline -0.1% vs 0.1% expected and Ex Food/Energy -0.1% vs 0.2%.. so both sets lighter than expected..  TNX hovering near  2.23%..down from 2.26% earlier today..and after poor 10yr auction yesterday, bonds have actually rallied but more on flight to safety with stocks pulling back-   S&P down 10 today following lower European shares along with Asia-  UKX down 1% and headed for biggest fall in 16 weeks-  Yesterday's attempted comeback at end of day seemed to hold where it needed near 2457-9 but Small-caps broke down and important to see the degree that other indices are starting to disappoint and trade lower.  S&P will continue to face important support near the lows of this range, but increasingly looks likely to break given whats happening in the rest of the world-  Overall, important to watch whats happening in TNX, USDJPY both of which have begun to turn down.. and trend in equities continues to look vulnerable-Today's premkt movers: GLPG, HDSN, PRGO, XXII, AEG, CCE, YY, AU, SSYS higher, while CBI, NSU, DDS, SYNC, MOD, DVAX, NTES, TTM, MX, ING, DB, KSS, OPK all down