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Metals market rally continuing, with Base Metal breakout

Just past 1:30-  S&P, still seeing mild gains in US equities, with breadth about 3/2 positive..  most of Europe closed mixed-  Key developments for today.,, BASE metals providing the majority of today's upside volatility.. and important to see the moves in Steel, Aluminum, and Copper .  which are moving up at a faster rate than the Precious metals-  Nickel today making a big breakout which has lagged for some time, but now looks to play catchup-  Stocks like PKX, TX, MT, AA, STLD showing above-avg gains.. with the benchmark XME having broken out on its own-  CNBC Halftime contributor Pete Najarian pointing out that AA showing some unusual and bullish options volume with 5k of the August 32 calls being rolled up to the 38 line where 10k were bought today-   Overall, not much volatility in other sectors, but Discretionary, and Materials leading all others, while only Healthcare showing just mild weakness, but essentially flat-  Bottom line, little actionable today with regards to USD< or TY movement and S&P just marginally up.. but the Metals move warrants the most discussion and at least with regards to Base Metals  and the corresponding stocks.. we could begin to see further upside in these, technically speaking given the improvements in structure