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Markets getting stretched, nearing S&P targets at 2475

Markets yet again stretching to records with breadth on about 3/1 positive-  Given S&P's move ABOVE the range of the last 3 days, this should take at least another 3-4 days BEFORE peaking.. but S&P getting closer to more meaningful upside resistance-  VIX in particular close to setting up with BUYS which would happen after a FLUSH down under 9.51 which i suspect CAN happen into Friday/Monday- As mentioned early this am.  the move in TECH very well might be replaced by Healthcare as XLK gets up to key levels.. while XLV stretching up to new multi-day highs with very good action out of DRG and BTK, IBB_  Would favor GILD, ALXN, LH, BIIB, CELG, ABT, PFE-  Energy is today's TOP performing sector, while Healthcare and TecH both higher by more than 0.60% along with Real estate and Materials.  Only Financials, industrials and Telecomm negative-  Important and negative to see TRANSPORTS starting to weaken, and that is one bearish development in an otherwise fairly bullish tape-  RAILS and AIR starting to wane, and XLI set to break one month trend and confirm Demark sells -  So near-term, industrials can indeed weaken, and if Financials do not pick up while Tech stalls, this would be problematic and set the stage for our long awaited pullback-  For now, S&P looks to have a bit more upside to near 2475 and early at this point to sell the market, but rather, would pay close attention to the rotation and/or lack thereof