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Healthcare turning up, while Solar stocks, EEM fuel rally

Midway through Afternoon, S&P has pushed up to exceed Intra-day all-time highs from 6/19, making today's close here a new all-time high on closing and intra-day basis for S&P-  NASDAQ continuing to outperfom and extending its lead with prices having exceeded Trendline resistance from mid-JUNE-  Note,  unless we see some kind of reversal into end of day-  NASDAQ move still argues for early week gains next week with Tech leading-  Other sectors like Healthcare and Staples also showing above-avg strength, but despite Financials weakness, the US Market still acts quite well, though still underperforming Emerging mkts.  EEM up another 1% today and seeing some good price action out of many Solar stocks- FSLR, JKS, CSIQ-  Dollar index today breaking down to the lowest levels of the year, down to near mid-2016 levels with most of the weakness happening in USD vs Pound Sterling while Euro up only about half as much. Bond yields lower, though yield curve still steepening out on the Back end with 5/30, 10/30 pushing ever higher-  Overall, S&P has some near-term resistance at 2455 today with max of 2458..  but pullbacks should be bought into next week, thinking that a close today over 2451 should allow for movement up to 2470-5 in short order, quickly before any stalling out-  At present, price action still quite positive across the board.