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Healthcare bill effectively Dead in current form-

gm Import prices coming in INline- -0.2% vs -0.2% while beating on ex Petroleum on YoY basis, while Exports dropping -0.2% vs 0.0-  Developments overnight concern the Healthcare reform being postponed as Bill is effectively "dead" in its current form which continues to cast doubt as to when Trumps agenda will begin to take shape-  US Dollar dropping nearly 0.50 bp vs Euro while dropping more vs Aussie Dollar as RBA minutes from last night left the market a bit Flat-footed and market now preparing to price in hikes for next year given Hawkish bent-   Gold extending higher while USD/JPY dropping further after testing early May highs and lower last 4 of 6 days-  Big move in Metals from yesterday continuing to gain ground today-  For now, none of this is causing much weakness in US, but Europe lower by 0.70-.80%-  Early movers in NFLX-  UP 9.7%, PBYI, DCTH, RAD, NVAX, while LOWER: CBAY, REI, ETH, SCSS, CRUS-  Let me know if i can answer any questions