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Emerging mkt breakout to new highs looks important

into mid-day, a gradual bump higher in equities ahead of $12B 30yr bond auction where yields have steepened and 10, 30 yr bonds regaining yesterday's yield decline.. so looking increasingly like a one-day move for yields-   Tech and Financials leading and that's a good sign for markets. with NDX and XLK having broken out.. and Bank earnings on deck with Financials turning back higher on continued steepening of yields-  KEY TO NOTE: EEM, the Emerging mkt index, breaking out over last few days above a big downtrend that's guided this lower since 2011.. so an important move this week for Emerging mkts with Dollar showing no real signs of reversing course back higher.    Area at 2451 important for S&P futures and over would allow for a push up to 2470-5 and that's expected in short order with little to no real sign of any reversals at this time of the recent rally-  Let me know if you have any questions