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Technology holding where it needs to

NFP beating handily at 222k vs 178 expected.. U6 ticked up from 8.4 to 8.6.. Dollar edging lower and Yields have dropped a bit while Equity futures have pushed higher, though curve steepening again which should be good for Banks- .  Stock market acting well now when Economic numbers come in better, which is exactly opposite the way we used to see Markets react.. but with yields having pressed higher, this seems to have discounted some strength-   Trend at this point remains NEUTRAL in S&P with prices having pressed down to near key support while Yields continue trending higher and Dollar lower-  Technology has weakened, similar to S&P over last few days down to important support but not really accelerating and also starting to hold, while Financials and Healthcare still the key sectors to favor-  Key for today will be 2424 on upside, and then 2400-2 on downside near last week's lows-  For now UNTIL/UNLESS 2400 broken, it remains right to have a bullish bias, though with quick stops on any violation-   Premkt movers for today- HIGHER: DGLY, DRYS, SNCR, AFSI, CNAT, SPA, AEG, CLB while on downside- CHKE, OCUL, ADXS, SIMO-  Let me know if you have questions