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Decline in both TY YIELDS and DXY should be nearly complete

Less than 2 hrs remaining, US indices still showing very little overall net change.. Most of Europe closed down 0.65-0.70% and has been a steady UNDERPERFORMER now for the last month. Gold has extended gains to new 7 mth highs, Crude has attempted to bounce.. and seeing Energy as still the biggest outperformer today, up more than 1%.. while Tech, Materials and Telecom also positive.  However, industrials, Discretionary are both down more than 0.50% and still some weakness out of Financials given bond rally while Staples, Healthcare showing mild losses-  KEY TO MENTION heading into the close and/or into tomorrow-  This bond move should extend another 2 days, so likely that yields break down further into Thursday's ECB along with DXY moving lower  (EURUSD moving higher)  However, as mentioned, a confluence of counter-trend signals suggesting this move is overdone and coincidentally, the counts are lining up right into this Thursday's ECB.. suggesting we could see a big trend reversal in the DXY back higher, TNX back higher and FInancials higher after Thursday..Tough to make too much of this sideways action though in the last couple days,  we had evidence of a stalling out.. yet still not much to suggest real weakness just yet