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CRUDE 4% decline nearing Key support for WTI, & For Energy stocks

Just after mid-day.. US indices have turned fractionally negative in the last couple hours, with most of Europe having closed down-  Volume is light with breadth just mildly bearish, but most of the price volatilty concerns Crude's 4% decline with WTI down to near key support and Energy underperforming dramatically with OIH just above areas to consider buying into end of week- 24.85-25-  Industrials down 0.50%, but seeing Airlines perform very well with XAL breaking out.. so despite GE losses.  there are some interesting areas in industrials that look appealing-  Financials also showing good strength with yields higher, so a very disjointed market with Energy ,industirals losses being offset by Financials, while Utilities 2nd best, rising 0.50%.   Today's best gainers in SIG, AMD, KRC, ICE, GGP, .. 5 REITS making up the top 10.. while NFX, HP, APC, RIG, DVN, MRO, CHK, XEC, MUR and HES-   ALL 10 biggest percentage decliners are Energy-    UNDER 2426 would be a temporary negative..  but after 3 straight down days.. S&P still only 10 points below all-time closing highs from 6/2.. less than HALF of 1%.. or .004%. Little to no volatility ahead of tomorrow which was thought likely.  but volatility likely to pick up-  Key will be Yields and DXY and continued ability of sectors to join strength today in Financials.