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Tech's breakdown attempt fails for now. Still holding support

PCE core YoY right inline with what was expecgted.  1.4 v 1.4..  personal income 0.4% vs 0.3%.  S&P and most of the world fractionally higher after S&P and Technology managed to hold key areas of importance.  54.77 for XLK and S&P reclaimed 2412 by the close.  Until we see more meaningful breakdown in Tech, the trend has not yet broken down.. and the ability to stabilze here would at least temporarily prevent a correction as Financials would likely carry forward on movement attempted yesterday-   XLF gave up fractional gains but still bullish based on its close over mid-June-  Not much volatility this am out of USD, nor WTI, Gold, or TY.. but these should all be watched carefully-  Overall sector rotation helped to bail out the market in the month of June and the real key is.. will Tech start to weaken in July which would bring down the other sectors.  for now, most of not all the sectors outside of Energy lie in uptrends and the key will be maintaining these trends..  Tech is at greatest risk into July given its strucrtural damage.. so XLK, MSH, SOX should all be watched carefully in this regard.   Key for S&P 2412 on downside 2442-3 on upside-  Premkt gainers in NYMX, NKE, MU, HAIN, ALBO, VRTX, FNSR while on downside-CARA, DEST, MBRX, RGR, BLUE-  Let me know if you have any questions