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Tech and Financials should be sectors to watch closely

As per 8:30, Jobless claims 244 vs 240k..  Consumption 1.1 vs .6%..  PCE core Q-2.0 vs 2.1..GDP annualized QQQ-1.4 v 1.2%. -   S&P and most of the world higher in followthrough to yesterday's reversal.  Financials leading across the globe as Yields surging and yield curve on 2/10 starting to steepen more-  XLF set to breakout above june highs this am as C, BAC, JPM buying back stock and all of these up 2-3% early on.  so for now.  Financials and Healthcare have been successful in bailing out Technology at a time when this was sorely needed.  XLK managed to hold support just below 55 and snap back.. so for now,   Trend had brief chance of extending lower based on Tuesday and Tech scare but snapped back hard making this a 1-day affair for now.. and right to think market will move at least a bit higher near-term based on FInancials- Meanwhile, Copper is rising to new highs on the year as the Metal is largely following Treasury yields spiking.   Overall, it Pays to keep an eye on both Fins and Tech  but above 2450, S&P likely gets to 2470-5-  Support near 2412-3 and until we get below there, or see signs of Tech violating support, its right to be long and expect a bit more strength now into end of week into the July 4 holiday