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Precious Metals sinking on Dollar, Yields climbing

gm- Ahead of weekly jobless claims, Philly Fed.. indices negative globally with Europe down by 1% and HSI, HSCEI, NKY lower, while S&P and NASDAQ futures down by 0.60-1% respectively- Policy differences within BOE resulting in Gilt yields and Bund yields spiking higher to reverse yesterdays decline while US is following suit as US Dollar index also reverses yesterdays loss and turns up- Precious metals being hit hard on this as Gold giving all back of the last couple days gains and Silver, Palladium down more than 2%..   S&P meanwhile down to near make-or-break support with 2412 in Sept futures being important to hold and just fractionally below current levels-  NDX futures meanwhile down to just above Monday's 5643 lows and this ALSO will be an important area to monitor and can't get below this without causing further weakness next week, which seasonally has been lower 23 of last 26 years-  Bottom line.. i don't think today turns the trend immediately bearish but theres little wiggle room and can't get under lows from last Friday/Monday without thinking this pullback can extend.. so the risk levels are very much clear and need to be respected.   early gainers in ROX, IDXG, YTRA, MUX, PSDV, ATNM, SRNE, while on downside- KR, ICHR, NVDA, NFLX, AMBA, AU, PANW, CCCR, PACB-  Let me know if you have any questions