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How quickly can Tech recoup lossses? that will be the key

just past mid-day.  we see market continuing to scale new heights. NASDAQ up a bit more than S&P, DJIA,  breadth about 3/2 positive..  Tech Materials leading.. while energy Financials and discretionary also higher by 0.50%.  only real estate, telecom, Staples lower..  Yield curve has flattened after auction and S&P now about 6 ticks below last Friday highs while DJIA back at new highs .. but S&P WOULD make new all-time high closes at current levels.. and still right to stay long and expect move back above 2443 up to 2450 into Expiration, with the Fed outcome potentially serving as a catalyst-  Rate hike has been nearly completely priced in by market at this point so should prove to be a non-event.. The key will be to watch Tech and how quickly we can see Tech recoup last Friday's losses and NASDAQ for that matter.  at present, it will take a much bigger move to have confidence the worst is behind this sector.. which might be tough given how sharply momentum turned down and turned negative-  overall, right to stay long and favor a test and move above last Friday's highs