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S&P could join Europe back at new highs

Most of Europe back up to new highs this am.. and US following suit in pressing higher.. S&P within 1 point of all-time high close from March 1 & at current levels WOULD close up above the close of this last 6 day consolidation..  S&P at current levels on a close likely would presss up to join Europe back at new all-time highs.. and DJIA following suit-  Most of the focus this am on the Metals which continue to show extreme carnage and deterioration.  Iron ore, steel, gold, silver, platinum.. and Crude ALSO breaking down further this am to lowest since November.. so most commodities have suffered since Jan 20 .. while Dollar at this point remains very much in trading range similar to S&P and TY yields.  Advancing issues:  CNAT, TLRD, HIIQ, FIT, RXDX, SQ, FSLR, CHK, while on downside- FIZZ, CBF, LNTH,SRC, BPMX-  Key for S&P intra-day would be this 2392-4 while on downside 2376-8.  For now this is intact,  but on a daily close here at new closing highs.. we likely push higher-  Let me know if you have questions