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Equities don't give many clues.. but Bond yields and Dollar turning higher

Into mid-day-  Not much downside followthrough.. and post Europes close, seeing some evidence of equities trying to turn back higher- as stocks follow the slow grind higher in yields-  NDX is positive on the day. - Still about a 2/1 negative breadth day-  Tech outperforming all other sectors.. 0.34%  while Energy, Discretionary , Telecom and Staples also positive-  Real Estate, Materials and healthcare the biggest laggards.. while industrials also down fractionally- Within Healthcare-   ALXN, CELG, INCY MYL all lower by 2% or more.  Today's biggest gainers in NWL, COH, VAR, CTL, AAPL, K, URI, XLNX up 2% or more.. while on downside-  TSN, ALXN, INCY, AKAM, CELG, KMR-    Overall todays biggest development is the downturn in Bonds again, with yields pressing up in US as well as abroad- and yield curve making a stand which should allow for 2s/10s to STEEPEN.. while DOLLAR edging up even more ..vs Euro, Swiss Franc and Aussie dollar Financials likely to benefit from this  and should be on verge of sharp move higher that follows bond yields and yield curve steepening