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Dollar and Yields moving up togther, while Precious metals face weakness

A bit more than 2 hrs to go.  S&P remains near todays lows after giving back about 6 ticks from earlier highs-  Note, today's entire range fits within yesterdays and barely ANY real volatility-   Still seeing NASDAQ higher by about 0.30%. and Europe managed to close up about 0.50%.. so continued  OUTPERFORMANCE here.  but the European Banks have become a bit extended.  Nonetheless, the key developments in the past 48 hours have to do with USD breaking out vs the Yen.. and yields starting to turn up a bit more sharply  .. yet the front end of the curve moving also.. so yield curves have not begun to steepen out all that much-   GOLD down about 0.89%..  (GOLD short-term target 1194-7 within 4-6 trading days) and have seen plenty of weakness in the Metals space when eyeing Platinum, palladium.. though both Iron ore, Steel and copper all positive-   Cons Discretionary the best performing sector today as a long, with industrials also gaining ground.  while Real estate woes continue.. and Utes, telecom and and Materials all shedding 0.50% or more.  so breadth overall is marginally negative today. despite NASDAQ gains. and still less than 60% of all stocks above either 10 day or 50-day ma-  far lower than early March, or last September.   for now  its thought that the yield push higher should help Financials to start to improve  -  FOR S&P-   tough to make much of today unless 2389 is broken, yesterday'a intraday lows.  and minor pullback should in fact lead higher back to new highs later this week.  The shift OUT of defensives is very much a good sign, not negative.   Let me know if you have any questions